First blog post & pancakes

Three things, perhaps not unrelated.

1) Today, I’m writing a book review for the journal Food, Culture & Society (published by the Assoc. for the Study of Food and Society, ASFS) on Toni Tipton-Martin’s wonderful book The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks.

John Egerton writes in his Foreword about who Aunt Jemima is and why:

She had to be humorous, stout, lighthearted, illiterately magical–stern enough to control the children without threatening them, dependable and loyal enough to assure mothers that the kitchen was in good hands, asexual enough to foreclose any wayward thoughts among the men of the house. (xi)

In other words, she is a racist construct meant to sell pancake mix.

Quaker Oats explains the racist history of Aunt Jemima brand products, though they don’t know they are being racist (1930s):

Source: Toni Tipton-Martin, The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2015), xvi.

2) Also, I realized this morning that I’ve been making pancakes all wrong. My Mom made me blueberry pancakes this very morning and she does not use a nonstick pan.  She says this is why they are so delightfully crispy.

I will never use a nonstick pan again for pancakes. I tried to take a picture of the delicious flat round cakes, but I wasn’t fast enough.

3) Also, this is my first new new blog post.  I hope you’ll come back some time, maybe drop me a comment.  My topic?  Oh, that’s simple.  Argumentation and Appreciation. Food, Travel, Politics, Academia, and the Short Story.

That should be enough.  For now.

No fare required; free for the reading and arguing.