(Raymond) Carver’s Delight, as Eaten by Our Dog Zoe

I’ve been reading Raymond Carver for years, having first discovered him as an undergraduate English major at UCLA. But it was not his short stories I first read, but his poems in A New Path to the Waterfall (1989).

I had a poetry class from the great professor, Cal Bedient.  It changed my life, that class, but not only because of the poetry I read.  In that class, I followed the rabbit down into Carver Country and the world of his short stories.

Here, a great food scene from Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral”, that famous story about a blind guy coming over for dinner, a story you’ve probably read (and if not, you know what to do):

“We dug in. We ate everything there was to eat on the table. We ate like there was no tomorrow. We didn’t talk. We ate. We scarfed. We grazed the table. We were into serious eating.”

Yes, “Cathedral” is many things, and it is also a Significant Food story. But more about Raymond Carver and his use of food later.

For now, I offer you our dog, Zoe, and am inspired once again. So, without further ado, and because Carver hated tricks*, I present you with Zoe scarfing down her Carver’s Delight:

Carver's Delight

Yes, that’s right, she also has a salmon nigiri “stuffed animal.”  That’s how she, uh, rolls.

* In writing, he meant; no tricks in writing.  He said nothing of photography.